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There is no Shortcut to Safety

There are many issues that are of concern to modern industry; and none more so than health, safety & the environment. For many years Hanson Support Services Ltd has worked with their customers to improve each of these areas and it is from this good working relationship with their customers, they are now taking a more proactive role in meeting and exceeding all health, safety & environmental requirements.

Over recent years they have completed extensive training plans in health & safety, from the basic labourer upwards. Also they have seen significant development of their health & safety management systems, including risk assessments, operator training, competency assessments, monitoring and review etc.


Hanson managers receive their IOSH

Hanson Managers (pictured right) receive their IOSH Certificates

Environmentally Friendly Working Is Also Important

As environmental concerns become more of an issue for customers; many of which are applying for accreditation for the environmental standard ISO14001. Hanson have been able to work with their customers even more designing out and or reducing hazards . Often Hanson are at the forefront of waste handling & disposal, and it is here that they have been able to work with the customer in preventing cross contamination situations. Also when a quick response can reduce the hazards from accidental spillage.

All this is complimented by the fact that Hanson are accredited for the Quality Assurance standard ISO9002; and has retained the accreditation for a number of years by keeping a strict control of procedures, which are fully documented and available for customer inspection. They will also be moving towards continual improvement with the application for accreditation of the updated standard ISO9000:2000 in the near future


SAFETY is a Culture not a Chore