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Conveying by Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Ask the Vac experts

Industrial vacuum cleaning techniques are more than suck it and see.
Sizing of equipment to handle a job is vital, as well as sorting out receiver equipment.

Our experts will advise you on the best and most economical solution whether iIt is for self use machines or the manned vehicle mounted machines.

Portable Self Use Machines

Clients may require the flexibility to move machines to several areas, and utilise them to fit in with their accessibility or maintenance schedules, and use their existing manpower.
The Portable fleet of hire machines were designed with just this use in mind. They can be used indoors or out, and be electric or diesel powered.
The recovery of material is into the inbuilt hopper, or can be to a sealed skip or other suitable receptacles.
The machines come in a range of sizes and the client will be advised on matching the machine for the required jobs.
Machines can be moved by Fork truck, Crane or on a trailer to the best optimum operating position, then quickly relocated to alternative sites as required.
Designed for self use the machines can easily be used by your workforce with the minimum of instruction.


Hillhead 2001

What is Industrial Vacuumation?

Conveying materials by use of industrial vacuum pumps along pipes to a desired destination. The material can be wet or dry, and can be recovered for reuse or put in receptacles for disposal.

What sort of materials can be handled?

Dusts, Slurries, Liquids, Powders, Granules, Brick Waste, Ash, Chemicals


Difficult to access areas such as Crane tracks, Dust extraction plant, Cellars, scale pits. Hazardous chemical handling such as catalyst removal. Emptying and cleaning containers such as ships holds, railway wagons, silos. Moving material, spillages in food factories, plastics works In fact anywhere where a vacuumpipe can be inserted.

T500 Suck and Blow, Wet or Dry material conveying machine

Above the powerful T5000 Suck and Blow machine. It can handle Wet or Dry material.

Specialist uses and Combinations

The ability to remove hazardous materials from an area is a feature of the vacuumation technology.
Clients use our machines in activities such as catalyst changes, batch vessel cleaning, ships hold cleaning; to remove difficult to handle materials.
The operator suitably protected with specialist clothing and with Breathing apparatus if required, will enter the area and vacuum remove the substances. These will be kept in sealed skips, or in the case of catalyst screened on purpose built screening equipment, and the spent material separated for disposal, the good segregated for reuse.
Fine irritant dusts which build up on building eaves in processing areas, can be similarly handled, as can slurries or liquids in tar pits etc.
When used in conjunction with water jetting equipment, the vac machines provide an ideal removal method for the debris removed by the jetting or shot blasting process.

Catalyst  Changing Equipment

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