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Industrial Cleaning
JECTER the manportable vac conveying tool


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JECTER the manportable vac conveying tool
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The economical way to Clean up areas or move materials.

No moving parts


JECTER is a heavy duty pneumatic conveying device

. Recover materials or clean spillage
. Move materials 20m or further effectively
. No expensive set up required
. Slurry, Slag, or Fines moved
. Return spillage to process & recover costs
. Very economical, and easily and safely used




Soil (earth and gravel) conveying (continuous truck loading / unloading
Wood chips conveying and spreading
Furnaces, boilers scale and dust removal
Slag, metal particles removal and conveying in foundries and workshops
Grain, foodstuff conveying.
Shallow waters pumping, where air/water/solid particles mixture needs to be moved

Site Work , broken concrete, other particulate matters removal on construction / demolition sites
and others........

Glass recycling and Cullet conveying
Glass bottles recycling (bottles are blown at high speed against a hard surface where they are broken ready for recharging to the operation)

Jecter solutions are evaluated on a case by case basis. Please feel free to consult us, to determine the suitable Jecter model for your specific application.

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