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Contract Packaging and Review:

Below: The Business Development Team
Roy Szulakowski and Gareth James

Roy Szulakowski Business development


Whilst we provide a host of services, which can be utilised singly on a long or short term contract basis. We feel that we can better serve our existing client base and prospective clients, by offering a tailored service.
By packaging our services in a contract specifically designed for the site or factory unit, we can utilise multi-skilling, and synergism on man , machinery and time windows, to achieve the best fit for our services. Often by incorporating existing off line processes, cleaning, and rolling up other contractual arrangements, a more cost effective, manpower and machinery efficient solution can be proffered.
Our business development unit can examine your business and utilise our existing management skills to proffer solutions to highlighted problem areas. This facility is provided free of charge to existing or prospective clients; and the results examined and modified to your requirements, creating a mutually agreed contract with measured results . The package can be reviewed and revisited at agreed periods, and hence flex with your business needs.

Web sites and Brochures

Being a cost conscious company we try to keep our overheads low to meet our company Philosophy.

We regard that Keeping our company profile in the public domain is a vital function.

Hence we prudently invest in advertising, web site promotion, and selected promotional events.

However our best advertisement is our existing achievements, and good recommendations from our client base still one of the most important tools we have. We therefore keep our communications channels open responding to clients needs suggesting regular reviews, and making adjustments to contracts as required. Similarly we publish our newsletters and circulate them to both existing and prospective clients, to keep them abreast of our changes and achievements.

Advantages of Packaged Contracts

Many businesses outsource none core activities to contractors with the requisite skills.. However using separate contractors for separate skill needs can incur hidden costs such as transport to site, minimum contract hire times, waiting time etc.

We aim to look at these areas and aim to combine activities into a centrally site based multi skilled work team, using existing equipment if customer owned, or supplying it to the contract if required. The synergies resulting from this combination ensures that all activities are covered in a required time frame with on call on site labour, and more importantly the cost base is reduced.

In many Instances we have been able to supplement the clients labour force from these teams to meet surge labour requirements in the production process, and then return to the base level once the crisis is passed.

The ability to forecast outsourcing costs is also key to many of our clients requirements, and where possible we will give fixed price contracts to meet these requirements.

We believe that our Philosophy is transferable to most businesses, and whilst we value our customers in the Steel and Engineering sector ; we are not limited to this sphere of operation, as our experience in the vacuumation area proves. We have provided specialist cleaning to the Chemical, Food and Aggregate Industry, and have recognised areas where the packaged approach would give advantages to the client; hence we are now actively pursuing this philosophy.

Given the opportunity to examine the prospective clients outsourcing requirements, we will bring to bear the experience of our existing team, and purposely design a service for the client. This will be discussed and moulded to requirements; and given that we satisfy the economic and service requirements implemented.

However we regard this as only the beginning of the process, as each contract is a live entity subject to review and change, to meet the ever changing constraints of the clients business. This approach allows us to take on more activities or reduce costs by modifying the manpower or equipment; and is seen as one of the greatest strong points of the packaged contract

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