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Treatment of land, premises, watermasses, to clear contamination


In conjunction with Scientific Environmental Technology (SET; we are able to offer the service of in situ treatment of organically contaminated sites and vessels, to safely and biologically recover them back to environmentally accepted standards for land reuse or site development, or to clean up spillage areas such as marshalling yards, refuelling depots, Water Courses, Pipelines and Sewers.

Being an in situ treatment, the expense of topsoil removal for treatment is avoided, and the remaining harmless residues can be either dressed over, ploughed in or washed away. In the cases of water masses the residue merely sinks to the bottom of the lake etc.
The subsequently treated water or area is then clear and dangers of prosecution due to contamination of adjoining areas by water runoff which may have previously existed, are avoided.

It is safe to use with fish and wildlife, and works naturally in defined timescales.
This safe, environmentally friendly technology has a wide range of applications and can offer an alternative low cost solution to problems of waste disposal and contamination

The principle of biological degradation is applicable to the following:
Agricultural Slurry
Waste Water Treatment
Food Processing
Meat and Poultry Processing
Hotels and Restaurants
Brewing and Distilling
Industrial Effluent
Septic Tanks
Land Fill Leachate
Oil Pollution
Petro Chemical Industry
Paper Manufacturing Industry



Above shows oil contaminated water before treatment (Left) and 4 Weeks after (Right), completely oil free.
And Below Railtrack and sidings before treatment (Left) after treatment (Right).

Rail siding


Each treatment is tailored to suit the specific conditions and requirements of each job. Feasibility trials and sample analysis are carried out by the accredited Environmental Impact Analysis Group (EIAG) at Derby University.

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