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In Situ Site cleanup of Organic Waste Contamination:
Oil, Diesel, Tar,Fats, Naptha etc.

Reclaiming contaminated land, waterways, or even clearing up spillages, fat traps and generally stained areas is a task that is becoming increasingly important.
Doing it quickly, In situ and economically we think is the best method.
Hence we employ bacteria to do the job for us.
These Bacteria are safe naturally occuring concentrated bacteria which are none Pathogenic and none GM Modified, hence are safe to use. Given the right conditions which we create, they happily eat the waste products converting them to carbon dioxide, water and oxygen, which dissapear into the atmosphere, water courses and land as natural materials. Removing contamination and leaving a clean area for rebuilding, working, or recovery. Best of all it is all done in situ before your very eyes, and in a measured and controlled way.

The pictures below show a heavilly diesel oil contaminated pond, which after treatment with oil eating bacteria was returned to crystal clear normality as shown in the second photograph.
All this was achieved in situ with minimum fuss, cost , and disruption.



oil contaminated rail depot before treatment

Oil contaminated rail depot before treatment
After Treatment all contamination on and below the surface removed


This process also works well for the Water Industry, treating Sewage plant and cleaning drains, the result is more cost effective than chemical treatment, increasing biogas output and decreasing sludge production. The cleaned water meets all EEC regulations and is readilly dischargeable to watercourses.

The treatment whether used on Chemical plants, Food industries, or domestic wastes reduces the contaminants to harmless naturally ocurring elements, allowing previously contaminated water courses to be discharged to natural outlets, sewer disposal etc. Negating the removal to landfill which only takes the problem elsewhere.

Work has been carried out on Oil refineries, Sewage farms, Supermarket and food industry fat Traps, garage decommisioning of fuel tanks, Factory floor cleanup.
The process is employed by Loss adjusters to safely recover contaminated factory areas whilst still operating etc.

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