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Vac Specialists
Vac Range


Our range of Industrial Vacuum Units is listed below.
All can handle Wet or Dry products. All can use additional drop out hoppers if required.

Portable Machines are delivered to site, once they arrive you can choose their location, and site them using a Forklift or Overhead Crane. They can be moved to where the most need is very easilly. Operation is simple and safe.Hoppers can be emptied to waste disposal points or returned to the process if the material is of value.

Portable 800 series Electric Vac
The largest in the fleet at 75HP

Wet or Dry material handled

800 series vac 240 pixels

300 Series Electric Vac on Delivery Vehicle


Lorry Mounted 6" Vac

Lorry Mounted 6

How to Order

Contact us by phone or fax at 01724 842637 or e mail us

Diesel Powered 800 Series machine shown Below